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Wundzentrum im Medical Center Ruhrort Duisburg

We, the WZ®-WundZentrum Duisburg, are your specialist in the outpatient treatment of chronic and difficult-to-heal wounds.

Every wound is different. Therefore, together with you, we plan every single step in the course of therapy and treat you individually with the most modern methods of wound treatment.

Our specialized team of nursing professionals takes care of your needs holistically and also coordinates closely with your family doctor, other specialists, nursing services and other service providers.
We take sufficient time for the needs of our patients and would therefore like to ask you to make an appointment with us before your visit.
We look forward to being able to help you quickly and competently with our expertise in wound healing!

Wundzentrum im Medical Center Ruhrort Duisburg

Ruhrorter Str. 195

47119 Duisburg

Surgery – vascular surgery – orthopedics – accident surgery – neurosurgery – neurology – internal medicine – physical therapy – rehabilitation – wound treatment – wound care

You only have one contact person for your wound care. Your therapist organizes all necessary therapy steps for you. And that’s not all: He will also clarify the assumption of costs with your health insurance company and, if necessary, help you to find a nursing service or, for example, a podiatrist for your medical foot care

Significantly improved wound treatment with significant treatment successes

Increasing your quality of life

A contact point for your optimized wound care

Organization of a partnership between all service providers for the benefit of the patient

Intensive patient consultation and care

Convenient bundling of services

Motivation and support for self-help and less dependency

Structured aftercare to avoid recurrences

Close coordination with hospitals and optimal follow-up care after hospital stays

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